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Brilliant Custom Jewelry Pieces

At Son of a Jeweler, our goal is to capture special moments in your life, such as your wedding or anniversary. Custom jewelry tells a story, and we help you do that with uniquely designed pieces that hold marvelous memories. We thrive on offering friendly service in a comfortable setting, and our team has immense knowledge of all aspects of our craft.

We specialize in working with the precious metals gold, silver, and platinum, and we have a large selection of quality gems. Our specialty is designing custom bridal jewelry. Send us an email or visit our store in Fremont, CA, to get started on making your vision a reality.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Creations

As custom manufacturers, we have on-site jewelers who can create any piece of custom jewelry. Simply tell us what you'd like made. We use a digital rendering program to assemble a design based on what you tell us, and we make sure your unique piece is just the way you imagined it. Our jewelers have impressive talent, and they can even use your old jewelry in a new design.

Visit Us Soon for a Jewelry Design

Visit us soon to experience the ultimate in jewelry design. When you come in, we'll sit down and talk with you about your ideas. You can even update old or vintage jewelry you may have. Interpreting your vision is an important part of creating a custom piece, and we want your enjoyment to last a lifetime.

We talk about the center stone you want, and we draw up a sketch and use our CAD program to develop a 3D image of your custom piece. At this point, we talk to you more about the details you want, and then we move forward to create a model in wax. The model gives you a better idea of what your finished piece will look like. Once the model is approved, it won't be long before you're wearing a stunning piece of jewelry that is yours and yours alone.

Excellent Jewelry Repair & More

Visit Son of a Jeweler in Fremont, CA, when you need a jewelry repair. We can repair any kind of jewelry as well as any brand of watch. Our jewelers provide professional repairs and cleaning to ensure that you have years of future enjoyment wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Repairing Damage

Damage is something that can happen without you noticing it at the time, but we help you keep your jewelry in good shape. Bring your damaged piece in to let us have a look. Fixing a broken prong is a small repair that protects a large investment in a valuable gem. You can get complete jewelry restoration if required, which includes ring sizing, resetting of stones, and polishing. Our experts also provide full restoration for vintage jewelry. We can replace all the prongs and crowns in your special ring.

Diamond in Tweezers

On-Site Jewelers

Our store has a master jeweler on-site, which allows us to handle all repairs in-house without outsourcing any work. We also have several bench jewelers on-site, and our clients are welcome to set up appointments with them. Our in-house laser welder is brand new, and this piece of equipment allows us to make a wide range of repairs to modern and vintage jewelry.

Cleaning & Inspections

When you notice your rings are lacking in luster, bring them in for a thorough cleaning. You'll be amazed at the results. When you come in for jewelry cleaning, we can also provide a jewelry inspection service. We'll let you know if there's a loose stone, or loose or bent prongs, among other things. And you get a competitive estimate on what the repair will cost.

Watch Repair

Our jewelers also repair watches. And our store carries everything you need for your watch, including a selection of new bands and batteries in various sizes.